New yoodo apps update sucks & yoodo forum need several, better moderator. At least one, who really did his/her job.



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    Hi MUHAMMAD MU'IZZUDDIN BIN ZAHURI, thanks for your suggestion.

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    theJeff Yoodo Staff

    Hi MUHAMMAD MU'IZZUDDIN BIN ZAHURI, that's for the feedback with images on the yoodo app.

    We take all feedback seriously! It's our first major app update since we launched so we're excited, a lot of the way it looks and some features have been added. So appreciate your feedback here as we continue to change and update ya :)

    Also, totally agree on the Community comments as well. We have really awesome SuperUsers in the community, and now there's a new Community Manager as well. I've seen the plans for this year, and I can say with confidence it's gonna be awesome! Super agree on the posts which are on the wrong categories etc, rest assured this will be 'cleaned' up asap.

    Lastly, thanks for being an active participant! This makes the difference


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