Best Fine Dining Restaurants (Ranked by TripAdvisor)



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    Too bad no Malaysia on the Top25 ranked by TripAdvisor users...

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    Top 25 Asia's Fine Restaurants ranked by TripAdvisor

    1. Ise Sueyoshi, Nishiazabu, Japan

    2. French Grill, Hanoi, Vietnam

    3. TRB Hutong, Beijing, China

    4. Summer Pavilion, Singapore

    5. Yan Toh Heen (InterContinental Hong Kong), China

    6. MAURI Restaurant, Seminyak, Indonesia

    7. Just Veg by Atmosphere, Kanifushi Island, Maldives

    8. Chef's Table by Chef Stephan Zoisl, Singapore

    9. China Blue by Jereme Leung, Pasay, Philippines

    10. The Royal Afghan, Bengaluru, India

    11. Cinnamon, Jaipur, India

    12. The District Grill Room and Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

    13. Pan Asian, Chennai (Madras), India

    14. The Raj Pavilion, Bengaluru, India

    15. Odette, Singapore

    16. Alma By Juan Amador, Singapore

    17. Dakshin, Bengaluru, India

    18. The Silk Road, Bangkok, Thailand

    19. Rossini's, Bangkok, Thailand

    20. Tin Lung Heen, Hong Kong, China

    21. Palais de Chine Hotel -Le Palais, Datong, Taipei

    22. Lai Heen, Macau, China

    23. Mandarin Grill + Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, China

    24. Shang Palace, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    25. The Ocean, The Kingsbury, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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