Why did my port in fail?



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    I am having a master line and a sub line under it, under the same account and bill. Is is possible for me to mnp both of it into yoodo?

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    theJeff Community Manager

    Hi, not possible. You would need to separate the supplementary line first and ensure you don't have other dependencies on both the numbers as well as no outstanding bills etc before porting over.

    Otherwise, your current provider will reject the port out. Hope that helps, looking forward to having you onboard! :)

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    I already confirm port out from previous line, but i still receive port in reject from yoodo, why?

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    theJeff Community Manager

    NG ZHEN WAI trying to understand the situation

    You initiated 'Keep my Number' during registration in Yoodo to port out from your existing Telco. Guessing you received an SMS from your current Telco asking if you want to port out > and you replied with a Yes?

    Did you receive any further SMS or email saying your Port Out from existing Telco was a success? 

    Cause otherwise how it works is that: Once you Reply with a 'YES' to indicate port out > your Telco checks and Rejects the Port Out > Yoodo receives the rejection notice and alerts your via email that your Port Out request was Rejected. 

    To note: It's never rejected from Yoodo (why would we reject someone coming into our platform).

    So you could do 2 things now;

    1) Call your existing Telco to find out why your port out was rejected (usually it's because there's pending bill to settle, or attached supplementary lines to the number you're porting out

    2) Get in touch with our (Yoodo)'s Live Chat agent and explain the situation - we're also able to check and let you know the reason your port out request was rejected (may not be the most detailed but you existing Telco will give us some info when rejecting the request).

    Hope that helps! Looking forward to having you onboard :) 

  • My port in rejected eventhough my prepaid is still active. Any solution?

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    theJeff Community Manager

    NUR YASMIN EZREENBINTI MOHAMAD SARIAN you can actually call your telco to check why it failed. Easier to fix the issue, whatever it maybe be.

    You can also get in touch with our agents via Live Chat and explain the situation, while we may not be able to be specific but sometimes your existing Telco will give some details on why the port it was rejected

    Hope to see you onboard soon ;)

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