How do I switch to Yoodo?



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    Do we get activation confirmation after activating sim for port in numbers?

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    theJeff Community Manager

    Hi SHAHRUL AIDA BINTI AB RASID - short answer is Yes, ofcourse. 

    I did a port in myself, infact mine failed the first time cause I didn't enter my details correctly - duh right? :/


    Anyways, here's how it works for Port In:-

    • You download the App, initiate the Order (customize your plan >> choose to 'Keep my number' >> proceed to finish the application)
    • SIM card is sent to you (either standard free delivery or premium by 2 hours)
    • Once you receive the SIM card there's instruction on the SIM card's sleeve
    • Click on Activate in Yoodo App and follow the steps. (don't change to Yoodo Sim card yet)
    • Once the Activation is complete. You'll receive an SMS from your Current Telco asking if you want to Port Out - Reply YES (follow instructions on that SMS)  - For me, the SMS came within an hour but it could vary to as long as 24 hours
    • One the Port Out is Successful, you'll receive an SMS from us saying your Port IN is successful. 
    • Then change to Yoodo SIM card! You might want to restart your device, just to be safe.
    • Welcome onboard :D 

    Do let me know if you still have any other questions, happy to assist 😁

  • What if port in did not successful?

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    theJeff Community Manager

    MUHAMMAD FAREZ AINAN BIN MOHAMAD RUSLAN you should get in touch with your current Telco to find out why :)

    You can also get in touch with our agents via Live Chat, they may be able to check and advice you accordingly on where the hold up could be. Once all that it settled, you'll have to re-do the process again

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