How do I customise my plan?



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    Your mobile data rates and add-ons are quite expensive. Hope you revise them sooner as this may turn away some potential consumers, like my friends & family for example. They are quite sceptical about new company like you, with rates that expensive they gave up to even trying.
    The maximum minutes for calls also can be add up from current 2000 mins to 2500 mins, and have many more variables for calls, data, SMS, and add-ons.
    Just a few suggestions from your concern consumer.

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    theJeff Community Manager

    Thanks for the suggestions AHMAD AMMAR BIN ABUBAKAR. Appreciate you taking time to let us know :)

    We started with the most common and requested breakdown for denominations (how many mins and data breakdown).

    We will be introducing further options of breakdowns for our customers to choose from in the future, we might not have every single option, but definitely, more option that anything that's in the market at this moment.

    Stay tuned for updates as I will be posting it here in Community when I have more info. Thanks again! =)

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    Thank you Jeff for the response. It's good to know you guys are working to improve & listen to consumers.
    This shows how committed Yoodo are to satisfy their consumers.
    Good job guys.

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    The reception at my area, bandar kinrara, Puchong is not good. Hope yoodo improves on this area.

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    LIM ZHI WEI Superuser

    LIM MNG TOONG this might be kinda hard for Yoodo tho, they are using Celcom line, their lines depend on Celcom's line. I might go to Kinrara next week to see the line and try to provide any tips on how to get better reception on phone, that's only for phone not the entire line. The last time I was there, it was okay for me.

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